Product FAQ Overview

Do your pack and bag fabrics contain any PVC?

All our packs and bags are made from planet-friendly 100% PVC-free materials.

Which packs have aluminum stays and what are they for? Are they adjustable?

The DAKINE Snow Series has three models featuring aluminum stays. These are the Guide, Poacher Large, Poacher Small and Chute. The stays are located against the back wall of the pack, one on each side of the back access zippers. The aluminum stays create a semi-rigid frame inside the pack to stabilize heavy or unstable loads. The stays come pre-shaped to fit most users. However, they can be removed, molded and customized to a preferred shape.

How do the hydration features work on my DAKINE Snow Series pack?

All DAKINE Snow Series packs are equipped with a reservoir sleeve, a hydration hose port and a shoulder strap hose clip. The Guide, Poacher, Blade and Chute feature a nylon sleeve sized to fit up to a 100oz. (3L) reservoir. This sleeve is sewn into a small stash pocket that rests against the back wall of the pack directly between the two aluminum stays and above the top of the back access pocket. All other Snow Series packs feature a reservoir sleeve permanently sewn onto the back wall of the main compartment.

Can I cut my hydration hose to length?

The DAKINE hydration system comes equipped with a 39" hose. If this hose is too long for your intended purpose, you can easily cut it to the desired length. First empty the reservoir of water. Second, install the hydration system in the pack or bag in which you intend to use it. Third, position hose where you want it. Fourth, pull the bite valve from the end of the hose. Fifth, cut the hose to your desired length with a pair of sharp scissors or utility knife. Re-install the bite valve and you have a custom length hose.

DAKINE Pack Washing Instructions

We recommend washing your DAKINE backpack by hand in cold water with a mild detergent and soft bristled brush. If hand washing is not going to do the trick, the second option is to use a "front loader" washing machine. This is better because it has no center post for straps to catch on. There is still a chance the straps could catch so place your pack inside a pillowcase or mesh bag before washing. Wash your pack in cold water with a mild detergent on gentle cycle, Do not bleach your pack. Hang to dry in a warm but shady place, the sun could change the color of your pack. Switching the pack from inside out to right side out throughout the drying process is the best way prevent mildew. Damage caused by washing packs or bags will not be covered by warranty. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact the warranty department at 800-827-7466 x7200