Product FAQ Overview

How can I get my old stomp pad off?

I've had the best luck getting stomps off a board by using a plastic putty knife from the hardware store. You can be pretty aggressive with them and still not hurt the finish of most boards. Once you get a corner of the stomp up, you can pull on the stomp with pliers, and use the putty knife at the same time. After the stomp is off there will undoubtedly be some residue left on the board. You can use 'Goof Off' or a similar sticker remover for that. Just try it on a small area first to make sure it doesn't discolor the board (under a binding if you are very unsure).

How do I use the edge tuner tool?

That tool could really use a full page of explanation with images. It is hard to know where to stop sometimes as there are entire books written on tuning. For this explanation I am going to assume that you know how to file an edge, and just need tips on how to use the tool. There are good general tuning tips on the internet if you are new to tuning and need more instructions on the basics.

Most of the time, all you want to sharpen is the side edge. The tool can be used to file at a 90 or 89 degree angle. If you are unsure use the 90 degree angle. Sharpen by using short strokes from the tip towards the tail. Rotate the file in its holder 180 degrees to sharpen the opposite edge in the same way (tip to tail). Occasionally (once a year) you may want to file the base edge. If you base file too often, you have to remove base material at the same time to keep the base flat. This is hard to do. Anyway, reposition the file as shown in the JPEG Labeled "Base." Tighten the brass screws if needed to secure the file. The base edge can only be filed at a 90 degrees setting. Use the same tip to tail, short stroke procedure. Repeat for both sides and you are done sharpening. A couple of passes with a stone will polish the edges, and you will want to dull back the tips and tails with a stone a little to help initiate and release from turns more easily.

How do I perform a base prep?

Using a clean rag and wax remover or citrus solvent, remove oil, dirt, and old wax residue from base. Repeat as desired.

How do I apply DAKINE hot wax to my board or skis?

Set tuning iron on a low setting; just warm enough to melt wax. Drip wax over base using a figure 8 pattern. Iron wax into base, distributing evenly. Allow cooling to room temperature, scrape off any excess with a plastic wax scraper, and polish with a piece of Scotch Brite abrasive pad. The hot wax should last 3-5 days of average riding. Rub on wax is usually gone in a day.

I have forgotten the combination to my Cool Lock, can you tell me what it is?

Unfortunately we do not have the capabilities to know what you chose as your original combination. To set the combination the tool has to be unlocked.

  1. While pressing in cable trigger, push cable head down, until you hear a click.
  2. Select and set combination by turning dials to numbers of your choice.
  3. Write down the combination, because you will forget it!

Where are your sizing charts?

You can find our sizing charts here