Product FAQ Overview

How do I apply my traction?

  1. Remove all wax, dirt, etc, with a non oil-based cleaner.
  2. Layout traction pieces on your board first to determine your personal preference. (All DAKINE Traction Pads can be customized by spreading the pieces apart, or in some cases removing pieces)
  3. Trace outline of pad onto surfboard with a pencil.
  4. Remove paper backing from pad and apply firm pressure beginning in the center and working outwards.
  5. Allow 24 hours for adhesive to bond before use.

How do I determine which leash is best for my board?

  1. First determine leash length. This should be approximately the same as your board length
  2. Next determine thickness. 1/4" is the most popular for a variety of wave sizes. 5/16" is stronger and recommended for larger waves. 3/16" is popular for smaller waves.

How do I choose a board bag?

Determine best length. We add a little extra length to each bag so that your bag and board length should be the same. (i.e. an 8'0" board will fit in an 8'0" bag) If you are in between sizes, go up to the next length. Determine usage. If you are using your bag for protection while on the roof of your car, or in the back of your truck, one of our Daylight or Knit Series bags may be all the protection you need. For airline travel, or more everyday protection, choose one of our Regulator bags. For traveling with multiple boards, consider one of our Traveler series bags with wheels.

Where are your sizing charts?

You can find our sizing charts here