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Nozbone "Café Clope" Video

Nozbone Skate Shop has released its video "Café Clope". Following its tenth anniversary in the Parisian skate scene, the iconic skate shop brought together a line up of masterful skaters for an eighteen minute short film that shows you the delights of Paris and proper skateboarding at once.

Ben Raybourn "Welcome to Nike"

Watch Ben Raybourn re-define gnarly in his "Welcome to Nike" full part brought to us by Thrasher.

The Panoramic Series: Antwerp

Panoramic, the web series created by filmer Phil Evans and supported by Carhartt, Lowdown Magazine and DAKINE, has released its second webisode. After Berlin, Phil's custom-made wide angle lense moves to Antwerp, where host Phil Zwijsen and guest Bram de Cleen offer us a different view of the port, transforming its uninviting environs in a land of possibilities.

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