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Winter 15 Lifestyle Video

Louif Paradis, J-Rob, Shane Pospisil, Kelly Underwood, Eric Pollard and Anna Segal all head to Montana while shooting the Winter 15 catalog.

The 14S Heli Pro 20L Pack

Check out 360° views of the 2014 Heli Pro 20L Pack.

2014 Legendary Banked Slalom

As we do every year the Dakine crew headed up to Mt. Baker for the Legendary Banked Slalom. This time around we brought our friends from Europe to experience the great event and it turned out to be a great weekend.

Shayne Pospisil

Shayne Pospisil had an epic winter alongside superstars Eric Jackson and Jake Blauvelt filming for "Naturally". Shayne's surf style and flow approach to snowboarding always make him extremely interesting to watch.

The 14W Tanner Hall Team Mission 25L

Check out 360° views of the 2014 Tanner Hall Team Mission 25L.

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The 14W Boot Pack 41L

Check out 360° views of the 2014 Boot Pack 41L.

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