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Austin Smith Interview

After being hurt for nearly two years, Austin Smith sits down to talk about the excitement of coming back, what he has been doing while he was injured, and his filming plans for this winter!

Curtis Ciszek Interview

Curtis Ciszek is undoubtably one of the most stylish snowboarders in the game. In this interview Curtis talks about filming for People Creative last winter, and his plans to change things up this year.

Bryan Fox interview

Bryan Fox, who usually shies away from interviews, sits down to discuss his snowboard career, filming, and why he chooses to live on Mt. Hood.

Josh Dirksen Interview

Josh has done it all, from ender video parts with Mack Dawg, to hiking trips with Jeremy Jones. In this intimate interview in Josh's garage he talks about it all.

Real Snow

This year the X Games added the "Real Snow" event to it's already impressive venue. Pro Snowboarders JP Walker and Louif Paradise give you some insight on what it was like to join the new event for the X Games!

Dirksen Derby

Quickly becoming one of the most popular snowboard contests in the Northwest, The Dirksen Derby is hands down one of the funniest weekends of the year. Check out DAKINE pro's Austin Smith, Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, and of course Josh Dirksen shred it up in Mt. Bachelor!

Wolle Nyvelt Shred Flick

Wolle Nyvelt gets after the goods in Alaska and beyond...
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Curtis Ciszek Shred Flick

Here is a compilation of Curtis Ciszek's winter snowboarding. Curtis has one of the most timeless styles in the game and his arsenal of tricks is growing at a scary pace. Check out the footage of him destroying the Whistler back country.