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"What Girls Want" Series Opener

Whether it’s snowboarding, biking, surfing, street art or skiing, our girls are passionate about what they do and are motivated to travel, discover new terrain, and express themselves in their sports and lifestyle. Check out the "What Girls Want" series opener of Koralie, Steffi Marth, Caja Schöpf, ...
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"What Girls Want" Episode 1: Surfing with Lucia Martiño

Lucia Martiño is the first girl of five activists we filmed for the "What Girls Want" series. She joined a Dakine photoshoot in the Canary Islands and during the four days with her we witnessed a girl willing to have fun on her board as if every wave was her last. In August she won the ASP Lacanau P...
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"What Girls Want" Episode 2: Street artist Koralie

This second installment of our Girl’s Activist series introduces you to KORALIE, a French artist who spends her time and creates her art in various cities. We met the renowned street artist in her flat in Paris where her art is designed, and then followed her to the streets where her artwork lives a...
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"What Girls Want" Episode 3: Mountain biking with Steffi Marth

In this third installment in the "What Girls Want" series, we take you on a single track paradise with Steffi Marth. The young German gracefully combines speed with versatility, and performance with style.

"What Girls Want" Episode 4: Snowboarding with Kasia Rusin

The fourth edit from our "What Girls Want" series features Kasia Rusin, one of the most impressive young shredder girls in the European snowboarding scene. Born and raised in the snowpark, her skills on kickers and rails are getting stronger each season. Her determination to equally progress and ha...
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Leanne Pelosi Goes to Chile with Dakine!

Team riders Bryan Fox, Curtis Ciszek, Elias Elhardt, Leanne Pelosi and Chris Benchetler hit the August pow in Valle Nevado, Chile, for the DAKINE Winter Catalog Shoot!

Gisela Pulido Splits the Rocks

Gisela Pulido kiteboards one of the world's natural wonders, the 12 apostles. Located in the Port Campbell National Park, the Twelve Apostles are a group of eight limestone stacks that jut out of the water up to 150 feet. The area is known for having steady winds and rough seas which provide quite t...
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