Dakine Regulator Double/ Quad Convertible 7'0" Surfboard Bag
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Regulator Double/ Quad Convertible 7'0" Surfboard Bag

Surfboard Bag - 10001787
4.7 star rating 6 Reviews

Regulator Double/ Quad Convertible 7'0" Surfboard Bag

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Color | Black

The Regulator Double/Quad Convertible is the perfectly versatile bag. With a durable 600D polyester shell, thick closed-cell foam padding on top and bottom, and an internal fin organizer, we've crafted it to fully protect your boards and essential items—from the roof rack of your buddy's travel van to the cargo hold of an international flight. But the real ingenuity is in its modular design. The Double/Quad is built in two cells, fully connected by molded YKK® #10 heavy duty zippers. Zip it apart and take just one, for a single session or weekend trip where 2 boards will do, or zip it together for longer trips requiring up to 4 boards. This feature also gets you through bag check for the many airlines that strictly limit you to 2 boards per bag. Unzip it, and check 2 bags with 2 boards, then when you pick it up at baggage claim, zip it back together for a singular 4-board-carry bag.


Tested & Trusted

Garrett P.
5 star rating
Very well constructed bag
Review by Garrett P. on 24 Apr 2018 review stating Very well constructed bag
This is a very sturdy bag and I would recommend it for its strength and design.
James H.
5 star rating
Best on the market.
Review by James H. on 5 Apr 2018 review stating Best on the market.
Got the 7’0 bag to fly a few boards to Hawaii. Didn’t use the fin pouch, those went in my normal luggage but it’s good to have it for after you get to your destination. All the zippers, seams, straps, and handles are solid, well engineered and durable. I used Flexi-hex shipping covers on the boards and threw them in the bag with a few towels. No dings or dents but it appears the flexi hex saved one board from some airline damage. Again, this bag is padded but don’t take the risk of not using additional protection. Worth every penny tho. You’ll be happy with this one.